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Display matters!

Up until this year, I have been displaying my chainmail bracelets on my table, draped over a half circle. Picture below shows what I used to use.

These seemed to work OK, but I didn't seem to get many sales on these. Because of the low sales, I started to question whether or not what I was making and offering were any good. It all seemed odd, because my stretchy chainmail bracelets seemed to be popular.

I had a couple flat boards that could stand on their own. I had used one of them a few times to hang up some necklaces, but I wasn't in love with them for that. On a whim, I decided to hang the bracelets on those displays. I even attached some hooks on the back to hang them on my grid display, if I wanted to.

Let me tell you, the difference has been night and day! People get to see my bracelets more, and I have been selling a LOT more of that because of that. I have actually ordered more of these display boards, and I plan on making even more bracelets.

I've even started making bracelets while at each convention, just to keep up. Luckily I have a few weekends off, so I can work on building my inventory back up.

Here is the setup with the new boards (top 2 boards).

I have been doing craft fairs and conventions for several years. I was recently speaking with someone new to the life, and I told her that you never really quit changing/tweaking/learning what works. I always change things up here and there to find what works best for me. These new displays are my newest change and I am looking forward to seeing how well I can do with them from here on.

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