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Maillestrom pendants

I have been wanting to make these pendants for a while, but I haven't been able to find good ring sizes for them. Finally, with a 1 in large outer ring, I was able to find a combination that works perfectly!

I started with all silver (not pictured), along with all black with silver outer ring. They were simple and looked amazing. Of course, I love bright color! So, I had to make some rainbow ones, as well. This is what took so long with these, though. My ring supplier was out of orange for many months! I kept waiting and waiting until finally, I was able to get that last bag of rings needed to make these incredibly awesome small pendants. They are so small, that they may work for earrings, too!

I may keep playing around with these and figure out ring sizes to make larger ones for pendants, and just keep these for earrings, but for now I like them as they are.

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