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Payment banner complete!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

With all my conventions being cancelled or postponed, I have had a lot of time lately to work on a lot of things. Well, I took the opportunity to work on something for myself, rather than making things to post on the website.

I am a part of several chainmail groups on Facebook, and someone posted this banner they had made showing the different payment types that they accept. I was instantly in love with it, and I just had to make my own!

I drew up a pattern from the original picture, and placed ring orders from 3 different sellers to get all the colors that I needed! (That was an adventure and could be a blog post all by itself)

After many weeks and 8000 rings later, I have finished (mostly)!

I still have yet to attach it to a rod for hanging, but the hard part is done.

This is my biggest project yet, and I am so happy with out it turned out!

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