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SoonerCon was a hit!

After having a few weeks off with no events, I have been feeling not only refreshed, but eager to get back to more events!

A couple weeks ago, I did actually attend the Dallas Fan Expo. Attend, not work. I decided for this one, I would just go and not have a booth this year. This was the year that the 4 Hobbits were finally going to be in attendance, and I didn't want to miss them! I had a wonderful time, but the crowds were crazy! I think I will just stick to having a booth in the future.

Then, the next weekend, I got to attend SoonerCon again. This has been highly anticipated for me. SoonerCon was one of the first conventions that I ever had a booth at when I first started back in 2019. Before then, I had done craft fairs, but wasn't nearly as successful as I am at conventions.

After the past couple years being cancelled, it was great to have SoonerCon again. Apparently I wasn't the only one to feel this way, as I had a record event this weekend, as well! I did better at SoonerCon than I did even at Planet Comicon! I thought I had restocked my supplies enough to get through several more conventions, but I am having to order more, since I nearly was wiped out.

Things are definitely looking up for me, both personally and with my business. I am expanding a lot, to where I may start looking at getting a vendor booth at some cons, rather than an artist table. I am also exploring other opportunities outside of conventions, too!

My goal has ultimately been to make this be my full time endeavor. I am not quite there, yet, but if things keep getting better and better (as they have), then I am very hopeful that it will be possible!

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