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I am not really big into shooter-type video games. My husband is, but I much rather prefer puzzle-type games (Portal 1&2 are my favorites!). I don't mind watching my husband play the shooter games, though, and I really enjoy the stories and worlds that these games take place in. Games, such as Halo, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, etc, are just fun to watch.

My husband has been really into the Borderlands games, and I have really loved them as well. Once of my earlies conventions had an impromptu celebrity show up and start signing autographs, and it was of the voice actors from the Borderlands games. I promptly bought one as a surprise for my husband!

Since then, he has managed to get a couple more autographs, but then we both had a great idea. We would get a poster of some sort, and if any of the voice actors from the games happens to show up at any con I vendor at, I can get the poster signed! Hopefully, we will be able to get most (if not all) of the main voice actors' signatures on there.

It took a lot of research (yeah, you know me. I love all that), but we did find a good poster that is generic enough to the Borderlands franchise, rather than any particular game, and there is plenty of room for lots of autographs. My husband bought a really large size, too, so we are all set to go.

Well, this past weekend was the first opportunity to get one of the autographs on the poster. I got the poster signed by Chris Rager, who voiced Mr. Torgue! I am just as excited by this first step in getting these autographs as my husband is, I'm sure. This next weekend, I am sending the poster with my best friend to get several more autographs on it. Plus, I have other events to get even more.

I will keep updating on the progress of the poster, as this is definitely something I am super excited about.

On that same note, I have actually purchased a couple posters for myself from a couple shows that I have enjoyed. My plan is to start getting some autographs for me, rather than just sit at conventions and ignore the guests. My biggest hurdle is that the shows I want autographs for are not as recent, so it will be more difficult to find those actors. I will keep looking for events in the area, though! I will be too excited if I get any to not share it with everyone.

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