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Easy ebay listings and difficulties

As I was exploring the different capabilities of my website, I came across a section for Sales Channels. One of those options was for ebay. Deciding to check it out and see what is all involved, I went ahead and set it all up on both ends. Once I filled out the forms, it allowed me to cross-list my products from my website over to ebay quite easily!

Just a few mouse clicks, and I have dozens of listings on both my own website and on ebay as well. So far it has been pretty great! I started a separate ebay account for my business, so as not to get it all combined with my personal one. I expected a slow start, but things are starting to pick up a little more. And, of course, I have run into my first refund request. I knew it was inevitable, but I didn't expect it quite this early.

Now, I won't go into the details, but I did go ahead and accept the return. But I reached out to the buyer asking what they were expecting. To my surprise, their issues with the item were all in the description. This is the part that annoys me. I didn't want to risk my new ebay account, so I just accepted it and setup the return, but to me it simply seems like they changed their mind and just wanted a reason to submit a dispute.

I haven't sold a lot of things on ebay, mostly because I have been trying to avoid situations like this. I don't like confrontation, but when their issues with it are in the description, I don't know what else to do.

I'm just frustrated, as a seller, in this situation. I have sold hundreds of this type of item in the past, so saying something isn't worth the price just smacks of buyer's remorse.

I did have the option to do the refund but let them keep the item. I thought about it, but then promptly rejected that option. I'm of the opinion that I would rather lose some money on that item rather than let someone have it for free (I won't lose money in this situation, this is just in general).

I'm not going to let this discourage me, though. That very same day, I actually got a repeat buyer, which makes me feel better.

I'm going to keep going onward and upward!

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