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Shirt Bling!

I have a shirt that has a false opening in the front, and across the false opening was a short chain that went from one side to the other. Now, the chain that was originally on there was plastic with a shiny chrome color on them. They were a little clunky, but the way it was made had it laying flat and it looked nice bridging the built in gap. There was a strip of fabric that looks like another shirt underneath.

Anyway, I put on that shirt a couple days ago, and realized that the short decorative chain was missing. Hmm… if only I knew someone that could make a short length of chain to replace it…

There are 2 small fabric loops to connect the chain, too, as well, so I knew I had to make something to replace it.

I picked a weave and colors that I figured would go along with the polka dots of the fabric, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. (Ignore the cat hair. He really likes to snuggle)

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