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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of my subscriptions! I wanted to use this opportunity to shout out a quick hello, and to let you know what I have planned for the future of my business and your subscription!

Coming soon, I will have blog posts that will be available exclusively to my subscribers!

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you already have an idea of who I am and what I do, in a nutshell. I love making things, and I attend many conventions throughout the year to sell my wares.

My plan for my future blog posts is to still have posts that everyone can access, but my subscriber-only posts about my shows will have more information and details. I will go into the whole process, my likes and dislikes, and will go into my expenses and sales, with profits. I will also include some additional posts about how-tos, not just about being a vendor/artist, but possibly include posts about my crafts and how I make things, as well. I plan to put up a new exclusive post every week. My higher-level subscribers will also have the ability to put forth questions for blog post topics!

My $20 and up tiers will also receive a bi-monthly hand-made chainmail item (every other month). The item will range through keychains, bookmarks, bracelets, pendants, etc, and will be in whichever color(s) I choose. I will also include one or two extra goodies with the monthly package, which will be a surprise! This tier also includes the ability to take place in future polls.

In addition to my chainmail stuff, I wanted to have an option to also include some items from my vendor booth, as well. That's what this next tier is about. The $30 option will, of course, include all previous items, but will also include something from my booth on a random basis. Whether it be an acrylic keychain, enamel pin, glass dome necklace/keychain, etc, it will be something fun, for sure! In addition to more swag, you will also get to Ask me a question! I will take questions and make customized blog posts dedicated to answering your question! Included will also be invites to the monthly Zoom hangout sessions that I would love to have. I want to get to know you guys, too!

My last tier, $50 per month, will get all previous goodies, plus one additional chainmail item every other month, made to your specs. Unlike the lower tier option, you get to choose what you get and in what colors! I also will include a private monthly Zoom session to go over anything you want to talk about. Whether it be chainmail, conventions, etc, Whatever you like.

My goal is to have plenty of updates, content, and posts for everyone, and to be able to interact with you guys, as well. Plus, I can give you some awesome stuff! By making these subscription options available, I can keep expanding and building my crafting and vendor business while incorporating all of you into its success!

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